The majority of the club's race results and pictures are on our Facebook page. It is much easier to post to FB, along with numerous pictures. Plus, everyone who is a member can post their own pictures and results. For our local events, I will continue to post them here. (Please note that sometimes the race results do not post correctly such as the 2011 Swamp Run. I apologize that they are a " jumbled up mess"
but after numerous attempts at trying to type them on individual lines, I finally gave up.)

If you are on FB but not on the club's FB page, go to Okefenokee Track Club and click "Like".
(I was not able to change the page to Okefenokee Track & Cycling Club
without starting over, but I was able to use our new logo.)


MONDAYS: 6pm - Meet at water tower by Atlantic Coast Bank (f/k/a ACFCU). Ride to Ruskin via
8 Mile Post Rd. Light traffic. Easy 18-24 mile ride, no drops, all abilities. Contact: Ron Crosby

WEDNESDAYS: 6-6:15 pm - Leave from OTC (back parking lot near new Allied Health Building).
Everyone is welcome! No-drop, 20+ mile ride. Contact: Amanda Dryden

SATURDAYS: Leave from Atlantic Coast Bank to Manor and back via Swamp Road, 62 miles, turnaround in Manor at Moore's convenience store, light traffic. Everyone welcome! No-drop ride. Contact: Ron Crosby

SUNDAYS: (Trail Rides - Fat Tire Bikes) 2pm - Meet in Swamp Park parking lot.
Dirt and trails (state access roads only), 10+ miles. Contact: Ron Crosby

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY - Meet At Swamp Park Entrance, leave at 4pm, 5 mile warm-up,
turnaround at Park Welcome Center, cross over Jax Hwy to Brunswick Hwy & back, 24-25 miles.

MONDAY - Big gear, various workouts, speeds 20-22.

WEDNESDAY - Group Ride is generally full group taking one mile pulls over the 35 mile course
or sit in & draft. No pressure to pull. Speeds 22-30 with breakaway possible.

FRIDAY - Recovery day/easier group ride, generally no drop, same distance.

WEEKEND - Longer rides, varies depending on who and what races are going on. Come join us!
Contact: Moi Monroe


TUESDAYS: Meet at the Ware County Middle School track around 5:30 pm. All abilities are welcome! Something different each week. Will start at the track, then move to road work.

Jax Bank Marathon-December 20, 2009

LeighAnne Hersey endured a 35 degree windchill when she participated in the Jax Bank Marahon December 20, 2009. She finished with an impressive 3:31:15, qualifying her for The Boston Marathon April 2010. LeighAnne finished 4th in her age group of 74 females.

2009 Atlanta Marathon-Thanksgiving Day

Mary Woodruff traveled to Atlanta to participate in the Thanksgiving Day Atlanta Marathon. Mary was disappointed with her 4:20 time, but hey - when your legs cramp and you don't have major hills to train on in Waycross, it's understandable! Atlanta is extremely hilly and they are not "little" hills! The weather was a balmy 40 degrees, great start for a marathon. Cramped legs or not, she still placed 2nd in her age group.

2009 Fall Fitness Run 5K/1 Mile-Baxley

As always, a large crowd descended on the small city of Baxley on November 21st to participate in the annual Fall Fitness Run 5K and 1 Mile. There were 186 runners/walkers in the 5K and 250 in the 1 mile. Impressive! Race Director is Dawn Melton, a new member of our track club.

Matthew Garmon - 17:13 - 1st in AG 15-19 (2nd overall)
Daniel Broadhead - 17:40 - 1st AG 11-14
Bret Campbell - 18:49 - 1st AG 30-34
Wayne Broadhead - 20:50 - 1st AG 50-54
Dewayne Walsh - 22:11 - 2nd AG 40-44
Ron Crosby - 22:46 - 1st AG 60-64
Cary Bennett - 23:19 - 3rd AG 30-34
Mary Woodruff - 24:40 - Overall Female Masters
Terry Humphry - 24:53 - 1st AG 45-49
Frank Burkett - 24:54
Rebecca Walsh - 28:38 - 2nd AG 15-19
Amanda Walsh - 30:42
Marley Melton - 44:55

2009 Gobbler Run-Millwood

November 21, 2009, afternoon race. No race results available.

2009 Miles for Smiles 5K Run-Douglas

Okefenokee Track Club members raced in Douglas on November 14th in the Miles for Smiles 5K Run/Walk. The official race results are as follows:

David Broadhead-17:12 (age 14), finishing 2nd
Bret Campbell-19:18
Wayne Broadhead-20:24
Mamoun Alitarahweh-22:14
Ron Crosby-22:33
Don Varnadore-25:03
Franklin Burkett-25:22
Allen Smith-29:34
Debbie Yawn-30:21
Larry Godair-30:37
Linda Burkett-38:25
Jennifer Campbell-WALKER
Rochelle Varnadore-WALKER

(I'm sure many of our runners brought back a trophy, but I do not have that information.)

2009 Darien Fall Festival 5K-November 7th

Three track club members participated in the Darien Fall Festival 5K. All returned home with trophies. (Race results not available for everyone.)

PHOTO: Phyllis Cochran, Ron Crosby, Rochelle Varnadore

2009 Beach2Battleship Full & 1/2 Iron Distance Triathlon, November 7th

Cheryl Monroe: 12 hr. 50 min.
Moi Monroe: 13 hr. 25 min.

Per Cheryl, "I compare it to having a baby. Lots of fun and excitement, but once over, I do not want to do another one anytime soon!" I don't blame her! An entire day of triathloning? Not me! But I'm sure proud of them!

Boston Mini-Marathon 2009

Several track club members participated in the Boston Mini-Marathon in Boston, GA on October 31. Race results not available at this time but here's a photo Don Varnadore, Reuben Flanders, Debbie Yawn & Mary Beth Strickland.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror? 13K

Disney's Endurance Series, 2009 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror? 13K took place on October 24 in Orlando, Florida. Debbie Yawn and Don Varnadore participated with 3,245 other finishers. Don placed 634 overall with a time of 1:14:02. Debbie placed 1,671 overall with a time of 1:30:23.

2009 Human Race 5K - October 10, 2009

Track Club members Bret & Jennifer Campbell ran in the Human Race 5K at St. Johns Towne Center in Jacksonville, FL, along with 857 other runners. Though sunny, hot and humid, Bret finished in 20:39. Jennifer finished in 32:21.

AmeliaMan Olympic Distance Triathlon

On October 3, 2009, eight track club members participated in the AmeliaMan Olympic Distance Tri at Fernandina Beach.

Individual Results:
Shawn Ray Howell - 2:44:35 --6th AG 35-39
Cheryl Monroe - 2:44:49 -- 2nd Masters Female
Moi Monroe - 2:45:46 -- 3rd AG 50-54
Clay Culp - 2:56:41 -- 1st AG 55-59

Team Relay Results:
Team Beauty Before Age - 4th Place Overall
(Elizabeth Monroe, Robin Smith & Mary Woodruff)
Team Howell-Sasser - 6th Place Overall
(Christy Howell & Gina Sasser)

PHOTO: (L-R) Mary Woodruff, Robin Smith, Clay Culp, Cheryl Monroe, Moi Monroe

2009 Harvest Run-September 19-Waycross

Race Director, Kevin Barnes, was pleased to have 125 registered runners at this year's Harvest Run, slightly higher than last year. Approximatley $2000 was raised for Mary Street Mission. He thanks each and every person who participated, and made it possibile to give such a large donation to this community mission. Race results for track club members are as follows:

Matthew Garmon - 17:11 - Overall Winner
Payton Joyner - 18:39 - 2nd Overall Winner
Barry Barnes - 21:13
Anna Champion - 22:40
Ron Crosby - 22:54 - Grand Master Male
Mamoun Alitarwneh - 23:01
Don Varnadore - 25:23
Mary Woodruff - 25:39
Mike Porter - 25:40
Kay Cook - 25:40
Jennifer Smith - 26:06
Allen Smith - 32:13
Mary Catherine Barnes - 34:08
Janna Summerall-Smith - 39:21

(I know many of you won trophies but do not have that information. Please send it to me so I can add it!)

Vidalia Onion Sprint Triathlon

On September 19, several track club members participated in the Vidalia Onion Sprint Triathlon.

Bret Campbell - 1:12:34 - 3rd AG 30-34
Terri Humphrey - 1:23:08 - 3rd AG 55-59
Mary Woodruff - 1:31:12 - 1st AG 55-59

For the Love of Tennis 5K - September 12

For the Love of Tennis 5K is a first time race to benefit the tennis team at Vidalia High School. There were over 100 runners, great for a first time race! The following track club members helped support this benefit run:

Bret Campbell - 20:10 - 1st AG 30-34
Jennifer Campbell - 32:01 - 3rd AG 30-34
Maysi Campbell - 41:32 - Age 14 & Under (1st 5K)
Marley Melton - 41:33 - Age 14 & Under
Mary Woodruff - 2nd Overall Woman
Lee Humprey - TNA

PHOTO - Standing L-R: Mary Woodruff, Lee Humprey, Jennifer Campbell, Stanford Tillman, Jerry Ban
Kneeling L-R: Bret Campbell, Maysi Campbell, Marley Melton

Lumber City Farm Days 5K Race & 1 Mile

Okefenokee Track Club members represented us well at the Lumber City Farm Days Race on Saturday, September 12, 2009. They also enjoyed a post-race pancake breakfast hosted by the Lumber City Women's Club.

5K Results
Bret Campbell - 18:44 - Overall Male
Dewayne Walsh - 23:11
Ron Crosby - 23:18 - 1st AG 60-69
Terri Humphrey - 24:39 - 1st AG 40-49
Cathy Campbell - 24:57 - 1st AG 50-59
Mary Woodruff - 25:07 - 2nd AG 50-59
Don Varnadore - 26:10
Rebecca Walsh - 27:27
Amanda Walsh - 30:52
Larry Godair - 31:20
Debbie Yawn - 31:39
Frannie Godair - 35:29

1 Mile Results
Lee Humphrey - 5:32 - Overall Male Winner
Dewayne Walsh - 8:35 - 2nd AG 40-49

Turtle Trot 5K/10K Race

New track club members Bret & Jennifer Campbell participated in the Turtle Trot at Fernandina Beach on Saturday, September 5th. Jennifer finished the 5K with a time of 32:08. Bret completed the 10K in 43:14 winning 1st in his Age Group 30-34.

Flatlanders Dawg-Gone Good Race

Track Club member Billy Gillis raced the Flatlanders Dawg-Gone Good Race 5K in Lakeland, Georgia on Saturday, September 5th. He finished with a time of 28:02 winning 1st in his Age Group 65-69. (No photo)

Carrabba's 5-Mile Summer Beaches Run

Three OTC'ers raced in the Carrabba's 5-Mile Summer Beaches Run in Jacksonville on August 29th. Pictured are Sharon Vickers, Don Varnadore and Debbie Yawn.

9th annual Brooklet 5K Peanut Run

Three track club members ran the Peanut Run on August 15, 2009 in Brooklet, GA.

Daniel Broadhead (age 14) - Overall Winner - 17:31
Bret Campbell - 2nd Age Group 30-34 - 19:47
Terri Humphrey - 3rd Overall Female Masters - 25:05

Run for Love 5K - Tifton

Seven members of the Okefenokee Track Club participated in the night race on August 8, 2009.

Bret Campbell - 20:32 - 2nd AG 30-34
Barry Barnes - 22:18 - 3rd AG 30-34
Kevin Barnes - 24:10 - 4th AG 35-39
Jennifer Campbell - 33:13
Jenni Smith - 44:04
Libby Summerall - 44:29
Allen Smith - 44:31

Vestcor Bridges - July 18, 2009

Don Varnadore and Debbie Yawn traveled to Jacksonville to participate in the Vestcor Bridges Run, taking them over the Acosta and Main Street Bridges. Don finished with a time of 27:10 and Debbie with a 32:23.

25th Annual Sunshine Festival 4th of July 5K-St. Simons Island

The St. Simons Island 5K that takes place on the 4th of July draws runners from all over! And it doesn't matter that the temperatures are always extremely HOT! This year, 534 runners finished this holiday favorite! Way to go GITC'ers! You always put on an awesome race!

The official results for our own track club members are (pulled from the GITC web site):

Daniel Broadhead-18:00-1st AG 14-under
Shawn Howell-20:54
Anna Champion-22:38
Don Varnadore-24:04
Mary Woodruff-25:06-1st AG 55-59
Christy Howell-26:02
Debbie Yawn-30:55-3rd AG 55-59
Jennifer H. Smith-32:24
Sharon Vickers-40:02

PHOTO: We do not know everyone in the photo. Only those listed above are track club folks.

"So, Where's The Party"

We have a new celebrity author in the track club! Janna Summerall-Smith submitted an essay in a contest, winning 1st place! Fifteen essays were published in a new book, the meaning of TRI{ATHLON}. All essays are written by everyday triathletes. Janna's essay is first in the book. It is also published at http://usatriathlon.org/content/index/6611, where you can read her essay in its entirety. Congratulations, Janna!

Callaway Sprint Triathlon-Pine Mountain

Okefenokee Track Club member Mary Beth Strickland competed in the ¼ mile swim/10 mile bike/2 mile run event, winning 3rd in the 60-64 age group. She finished with a time of 1:11:22.

Camp Reveille-June 18, 2009 (Week 1)

The Okefenokee Track Club is one of the many sponsors of this annual event for underprivileged kids in the area. Club members host a 1 mile fun run at Laura S. Walker State Park, where we provide coaching, encouragement, and medals to finishers. Though the heat was brutal, all the kids had fun and were proud of their medals!

Photos: Camp Reveille Kids & Coaches

Run for the Pies-Jacksonville, FL

Held in the evening on June 13, 2009, this downtown venue is flat, fast, and hot. Some of the fastest runners in the area compete for the coveted pies. Local participants were happy with their results and enjoyed the post-race festivities. Don Varnadore captured local honors with a 24:43. Debbie Yawn finished in 30:42.

Blueberry Festival 5K Run-Alma

This flat and fast course is always on the calendar for Okefenokee Track Club members and other area runners. As usual the OTC had the largest numbers of participants and award winners. The club’s Daniel Broadhead was the overall winner, at 17 minutes and 45 seconds. Right behind him was club mate, Matthew Garmon, with a 17:50. In the Grandmasters category, Wayne Broadhead and Cheryl Monroe took the honors.

(Though there was a large group from the track club, we did not have everyone's results. It's your responsibility to send them to us if you want them posted. The web site given for the results only showed results for May. However, we just don't have time to hunt down everyone's times, so you need to send them to us.)

Great photo!

Varnadore PR's in Run for Cover 5K!

On May 2, Don Varnadore PR'd in the "Run for Cover" in Jacksonville with a time of 23:56. Congratulations, Don, on a great race! Debbie Yawn also competed in the 5K winning 3rd in her age group with a time of 31:48. Put on by the young attorneys of Jacksonville, a free skin cancer screening was also available.

Which opens the door to remind everyone - WEAR your sunscreen and a hat! Though most of you know that, some people still need to be reminded how important it is!

Shrimp Festival 5K Run/Walk

Track Club member Kim Spivey enjoyed a beautiful day in Fernandina Beach by running the 13th Annual Shrimp Festival 5K Run/Walk on May 2nd. There were 516 total finishers, 276 of the runners being women. Per Kim, "As usual, the Fernandina YMCA put on a great run, with a bouncy house for children, yoga warm-up sessions before the race, and a post-race Publix bagel and water tent. They even had free massages!"

32nd Annual Vidalia Onion Run

On April 25, a couple of track club folks participated in the Vidalia Onion Run. Though Vidalia boasts of a challenging, hilly course, our runners continue to conquer it each and every year. Mary Woodruff won 2nd overall in the 10K with a finishing time of 50:02. Larry Godair won 3rd in his age group in the 5K.

PHOTO: Mary with grandson, Tyler, holding her trophy almost as big as he is! And Mary's 25-pound bag of onions surely weighs more than he does!

The 2009 Boston Marathon

“The Boston Marathon” ----- That says it all. For runners, it is the Super Bowl and World Series of our sport. In order to compete, a racer must meet an age group standard in a qualifying marathon. Tiffany Cochran and Cheryl Monroe trained, qualified, and completed the 2009 Boston Marathon, the 113th running of this prestigious event on April 20. Tiffany finished in 3 hours, 34 minutes, 57 seconds. Cheryl came in at 4:01:42. These fast times automatically qualified them for next year’s race. Congratulations ladies!

Other info: The 113th Boston Marathon is in the record books with 22,898 participants finishing the race – the second-highest total ever, after the 100th anniversary edition in 1996. The number of female finishers, 9,311, was the most in Boston history.

Cooper River Bridge Run 10K-Charleston

On Saturday, April 4th, Tiffany Cochran participated in the 32nd Cooper Bridge Run 10k in Charleston, South Carolina with 38,700 other runners. She stated that "the weather was perfect and the bridge was quite the battle, but the views and scenery kept pushing me through." Tiffany finished with a time of 45:30, 1062 to cross the finish line (top 3%). This was her last road race before she tackles the Boston Marathon in 2 weeks!

She also gave us a little history about the run: The Cooper River Bridge Run is the best organized and the best conducted 10-K race in the world. It includes world-class competition in a unique setting with unparalleled participant satisfaction. It broadens community cooperation and participation in healthy events throughout the year. The Cooper River Bridge Run serves as a model of health motivation for other communities throughout the world.

Yellow Jacket 5K & 1 Mile Buzz Run-Jesup

Several Okefenokee Track Club members and other local runners participated in Jesup’s Yellow Jacket 5K and 1 Mile Buzz Run on April 4th. Fast times were posted including Matthew Garmon’s winning 5K time of 17 minutes and 21 seconds. Also impressive was Sydney Alitarawneh’s 1 Mile time of 6 minutes and 53 seconds, earning her the fastest female award.

5K Results
17:21 – Matthew Garmon (Overall Winner)
18:57 – Wayne Broadhead
19:33 – Tyler Flanders
20:58 – Daniel Broadhead
24:28 – Sydney Aliarawneh
24:31 – Don Varnadore
24:57 – Mamoun Alitarawneh
25:31 – Jordan Garmon
25:58 – Reuben Flanders
31:44 – Debbie Yawn

1 Mile Run
6:53 Sydney Alitarawneh (One Mile Female Winner)
6:55 Mamoun Alitarawneh

PHOTO: (L-R) Matthew Garmon, Jordan Garmon, Tyler Flanders, Rueben Flanders, Debbie Yawn, Don Varnadore, Mamoun Alitarawneh, Sydney Alitarawneh

(Race Directors Wayne & Kathy Broadhead are also track club members.)

A Great Swamp Run Compliment!

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I have run the Swamp Run for the last 4 years. We come up from St. Marys, GA and we can't say enough good things about the run. It is always well organized, cheap, great trophies, great course, and a fabulous breakfast. I have told many many people in the area about this race (as you can see from photo). I just wanted to let you know because I know putting a race together is a lot of hard work. Thanks for the wonderful run. We'll be back next year-with more people!
Hope Lejeune
St. Marys, GA

32nd Annual Okefenokee Swamp Run 10K and 1 Mile Fun Run - March 28, 2009

Another successful year! Thanks to each and every person who volunteered in one way or another for contributing to a good day. With lots of prayer, the rain held off, the temp was comfortable, no one left without a T-shirt, once again the pancake breakfast was a hit (though not without a few "kinks" thrown in), and there were many compliments. Also, thanks to Brad Williams at the Journal-Herald for coming out to take photos and for giving us a 2-page spread! Great job!
The 10K began with 128 runners and ended with 127. Not bad! There were 135 participants in the 1 mile fun run. Ashley Backstrom graced us by singing the The Star Spangled Banner. Park Manager Bob Boyne had the honor of blowing the horn to start the 10K. Track club members Matthew Garmon won his second consequtive year, while Tiffany Cochran was the first lady to cross the finish line.

1. Matthew Garmon 37:51 (M) Overall Male
2. Garth Peterson 38:26 (M) Master 40-49
3. Masked Avenger 38:47 (M) 1st Age Group 30-34
4. Kerry Underwood 40:14 (M) 1st Age Group 40-44
5. Kurt Heninger 40:22 (M) 1st Age Group 20-24
6. Wayne Broadhead 40:47 (M) Grand Master 50-59
7. Allan Brownie 41:24 (M) 1st Age Group 55-59
8. Cohen Sloan 41:31 (M) 1st Age Group 15-19
9. Payton Joyner 41:42 (M) 2nd Age Group 15-19
10. Randy Arend 42:09 (M) 1st Age Group 45-49
11. Tyler Flanders 42:56 (M) 3rd Age Group 15-19
12. Scott Trost 43:21 (M) 2nd Age Group 45-49
13. Dave Hoock 43:58 (M) 2nd Age Group 50-54
14. Ben Bennett 44:55 (M) 1st Age Group 35-39
15. Tiffany Cochran 45:04 (F) Overall Female
16. Steve O’Brien 45:15 (M) 3rd Age Group 50-54
17. LeighAnne Hersey 45:31 (F) 1st Age Group 30-34
18. Sammie Peacock 45:58 (M) 2nd Age Group 35-39
19. Kevin Wellington 46:42 (M) 3rd Age Group 35-39
20. Barry Barnes 47:00 (M) 2nd Age Group 30-34
21. Chuck Valentino 47:15 (M) 3rd Age Group 45-49
22. Wayne Spearman 47:25 (M) 4th Age Group 50-54
23. Mark Lejeune 48:16 (M) 2nd Age Group 40-44
24. Ron Crosby 48:24 (M) Great-Grandmaster 60-69
25. Shawn Howell 48:45 (M) 4th Age Group 35-39
26. Kevin Rigdon 49:08 (M) 3rd Age Group 30-34
27. Kevin Barnes 49:41 (M) 5th Age Group 35-39
28. Bret Campbell 49:41 (M) 4th Age Group 30-34
29. Vince Marchionna 49:42 (M) 1st Age Group 65-69
30. Logan Oberlin 49:58 (M) 1st Age Group 11-14
31. Mamoun Alitarawneh 50:08 (M) 4th Age Group 45-49
32. Megan Wheeler 50:14 (F) 1st Age Group 20-24
33. Dereck DeLoach 50:43 (M) 2nd Age Group 20-24
34. Franklin Burkett 51:23 (M) 5th Age Group 50-54
35. Matt Gourley 51:42 (M)
36. Kevin Moore 51:46 (M) 3rd Age Group 40-44
37. Mary Woodruff 51:48 (F) Grand Master 50-59
38. Gary Beall 51:55 (M)
39. Torsten Kaminski 52:09 (M) 4th Age Group 40-44
40. Cheryl Monroe 52:39 (F) 1st Age Group 50-54
41. Mike Porter 52:44 (M) 1st Age Group 55-59
42. Jeffrey S. Andrews 53:00 (M)
43. Tyler Scales 53:08 (M) 2nd Age Group 11-14
44. Brian Blue 53:14 (M) 2nd Age Group 65-69
45. Judah Hodges 53:20 (M) 1st Age Group 00-10
46. Cary Bennett 53:22 (M)
47. Kelli Gourley 53:51 (F) 2nd Age Group 30-34
48. Don Varnadore 54:22 (M)
49. Thomas Dowling 54:34 (M) 3rd Age Group 20-24
50. Carol Riley 54:40 (F) 1st Age Group 60-64
51. Hope Lejeune 55:11 (F) 1st Age Group 35-39
52. Wesley Sweat 55:13 (M) 1st Age Group 25-29
53. Stephen James 55:19 (M)
54. Doug Vinson 55:22 (M) 2nd Age Group 55-59
55. James Jackson 55:24 (M)
56. Debra Perkins 55:54 (F) 2nd Age Group 50-54
57. Sonny Emmert 55:58 (M) 5th Age Group 30-34
58. Correy Harpel 55:58 (F) 1st Age Group 25-29
59. Don Hubbard 56:25 (M) 3rd Age Group 55-59
60. Ray Carter 56:31 (M) 5th Age Group 40-44
61. Christy Howell 56:53 (F) 2nd Age Group 35-39
62. Diane Croy 57:06 (F) 1st Age Group 40-44
63. Gina Howell 57:07 (F) 3rd Age Group 30-34
64. Tommy Cox 57:13 (M)
65. Joe Christian 57:18 (M) Super Master 70+
66. Erica Thomas 57:19 (F) 2nd Age Group 25-29
67. Carthell Dubberly 57:42 (M) 1st Age Group 70+
68. Tim Goodman 57:49 (M) 1st Age Group 60-64
69. Clay Parker 58:03 (M) 3rd Age Group 11-14
70. Lealane Sanders 58:26 (F) 4th Age Group 30-34
71. Ray Griffin 58:48 (M) 3rd Age Group 65-69
72. Trish Snyder 59:06 (F) 3rd Age Group 50-54
73. Jennifer Hutchinson 59:21 (F) 3rd Age Group 25-29
74. Sydney Alitarawneh 59:22 (F) 1st Age Group 11-14
75. Kim Spivey 59:39 (F) 5th Age Group 30-34
76. Bill White 59:54 (M) 4th Age Group 55-59
77. Cathy Campbell 1:00:24 (F) 4th Age Group 50-54
78. Kristen Thomas 1:00:45 (F) 2nd Age Group 20-24
79. William R. Hall 1:00:50 (M)
80. Bernie Powers 1:00:53 (M) 5th Age Group 55-59
81. Cory Wheeler 1:01:14 (F) 1st Age Group 45-49
82. Jennifer H. Smith 1:01:28 (F) 3rd Age Group 35-39
83. Carmen Smith 1:01:53 (F) 3rd Age Group 20-24
84. Layne Ambrose 1:01:55 (M) 2nd Age Group 00-10
85. Evelyn Taylor 1:01:57 (F) 2nd Age Group 45-49
86. Abby Parker 1:01:21 (F) 2nd Age Group 11-14
87. Nicole McCarthy 1:01:24 (F)
88. Billy Gillis 1:02:32 (M) 4th Age Group 65-69
89. Casey Caswell 1:02:53 (M) 2nd Age Group 25-29
90. Trent Gibbs 1:02:53 (M) 4th Age Group 20-24
91. Unknown 1:03:46
92. Chad Zauner 1:03:47 (M) 3rd Age Group 25-59
93. Bruce Wheeler 1:04:02 (M)
94. Mary Trimm 1:04:22 (F) 1st Age Group 15-19
95. Ronald Knox 1:04:26 (M)
96. Perlita Knox 1:04:29 (F) 4th Age Group 35-59
97. Melissa Raulerson 1:04:38 (F) 4th Age Group 25-29
98. Cody Carter 1:05:32 (M) 5th Age Group 20-24
99. Jeff Nolan 1:05:33 (M) 4th Age Group 25-29
100. Terrie Leakway 1:05:48 (F) 5th Age Group 35-39
101. Gary McCarthy 1:05:57 (M)
102. Unknown 1:06:05
103. Joe Bullard 1:06:15 (M) 5th Age Group 45-49
104. Larry Godair 1:07:16 (M) 2nd Age Group 60-64
105. Stanford Tillman 1:07:19 (M) 2nd Age Group 70+
106. Freddy Fillingham 1:07:47 (M) 5th Age Group 65-69
107. Roger Williams 1:08:00 (M) 3rd Age Group 60-64
108. Heather Hall 1:08:01 (F)
109. Kathy Williams 1:09:50 (F) 1st Age Group 55-59
110. Ellen Hardee 1:09:54 (F)
111. Joshua Bullard 1:10:09 (M) 3rd Age Group 00-10
112. Anna M. Scott 1:10:28 (F) 2nd Age Group 40-44
113. Ginger Brow 1:13:18 (F) 5th Age Group 25-29
114. John Lee 1:13:53 (M)
115. Janna Summerall-Smith 1:14:03 (F) 3rd Age Group 40-44
116. Allen Smith 1:14:04 (M)
117. Cynthia Waldron 1:15:14 (F)
118. Allie Smith 1:16:02 (F) 1st Age Group 00-10
119. Stephany Smith 1:16:03 (F) 4th Age Group 40-44
120. Steve Croy 1:17:10 (M)
121. Megan Rhodes 1:17:50 (F) 3rd Age Group 11-14
122. Will Kicklighter 1:20:33 (M) 5th Age Group 25-29
123. Myles Cooper 1:20:33 (M) 3rd Age Group 20-24
124. Leondus Dixon 1:21:31 (M) 4th Age Group 20-24
125. Brooks Stewart 1:21:45 (M)
126. Jennifer Stewart 1:21:48 (F)
127. Faith Harrold 1:26:08 (F) 2nd Age Group 00-10

Photo: 2009 Sam Gornto Sportsmanship Award was presented to Debbie Yawn. It is given yearly to the OTC member who most exemplifies sportmanship in its highest form. Debbie is a long time member who traded her running shoes for working shoes the past 3-4 years. She has been there to help set up the pancake breakfast and she is one of the last to leave after clean up. I'm sure she'd rather be socializing than flipping pancakes though she has become quite the expert!

SE Georgia Health System Bridge 5K

Eleven track club members ran the 2009 version of the Southeast Georgia Health System Bridge Run in Brunswick. The 5K race runs over and back across the challenging Sidney Lanier Bridge. Windy conditions provided an additional obstacle, but it served as a proper tune up for this Saturday's Okefenokee Swamp Run 10K and 1 Mile Fun Run.

20:07 - Matthew Garmon-1st AG 15-19/2nd Overall
23:41 - Shawn Howell
26:23 - Mary Woodruff-Won 1st AG 55-59
27:58 - Don Varnadore
28:19 - Anna Champion
28:29 - Christy Howell
32:17 - Allen Smith
33:52 - Kimberly Spivey
35:05 - Janna Summerall-Smith
37:15 - Debbie Yawn
TNA - Mike Porter

32nd Annual Gate River Run 15K-Jax

More than 50 local runners (40 are track club members) participated in the 32 Annual Gate River Run on March 14. It is the USA 15K (9.3 Miles) championship, and features some of the world’s top runners. The Overall winners are former Olympians, with world class speed. This is evidenced by Anthony Famiglietti’s winning time of 43 minutes and 36 seconds. The top female was Amy Yoder-Begley, coming in at 49:51.

But with over 12,000 finishers, this is definitely the people’s race, and a top event for runners of all ages and abilities. Spectators, volunteers, and musical groups line the course from start to finish. The Hart Bridge continues to be the featured landmark and obstacle, especially since it comes at the latter part of the course. However, upon reaching the top, it is downhill to the finish.

The festivities also included a 5K (3.1 Miles) race and 5 local ladies are all smiles after the Run for Charity.

15K Results:

Ben Bennett 1:07:23
LeighAnne Hersey 1:09:24
Tiffany Cochran 1:09:57
Cristi Blount 1:10:20
Charles Strickland 1:10:40
Charlie Moore 1:12:27
Barry Barnes 1:12:50
Ron Crosby 1:14:59
Cheryl Monroe 1:15:28
Russell Keaton 1:15:29
Matt Gourley 1:18:41
Kevin Barnes 1:18:48
Mary Woodruff 1:19:14
Shawn Howell 1:20:16
Anna Champion 1:22:02
Robin Smith 1:22:04
Kelli Gourley 1:23:32
Carey Bennett 1:23:50
Daniel Warren 1:24:24
Mike Porter 1:24:50
Moi Monroe 1:26:57
Doug Vinson 1:26:58
Don Varnadore 1:28:07
Christy Howell 1:28:16
Nelle Bennett 1:28:50
Clay Culp 1:30:05
Jennifer Smith 1:36:10
Alison Long 1:36:30
Billy Gillis 1:37:13
Kathy Williams 1:49:00
Roger Williams 1:49:15
Allen Smith 1:49:22
Janna Summerall-Smith 1:49:22
Angela Keaton 1:52:39
Elizabeth Monroe 2:07:10

Florida Times-Union 5K Run/Walk for Charity
(No official results.)
Rochelle Varnadore
Rachel Gilbert
Phyllis Cochran
Debbie Yawn
Mary Beth Strickland

Douglas Trail Trot 5K-March 7th

The Okefenokee Track Club was well-represented March 7 in the 4th Annual Jr. Service League Douglas Trail Trot 5K. Thirty-three runners enjoyed the warm weather, scenic course and friendly volunteers. Sydney Alitarawneh, a swift up-and-coming runner was the First Overall Female. Her dad, Mamoun Alitarawneh, captured first place in the 40-49 age group and was third overall. Ron Crosby won first place in the 60+ age category, and was fourth to the finish line.

Critz Race for Preservation 5K

Feb. 28, 2009 at Forsyth Park in Savannah, Daniel Broadhead placed 1st in age group 11 - 14 (12th overall) with a time of 18:49 and Wayne Broadhead placed 1st in age group 50 - 54 (20th overall) with a time of 20:00 in the 3rd Annual Critz Race for Preservation 5K. There were a total of 207 runners in the 5K.

2009 Super Dolphin Day Run 5K - SSI

New track club members from Jesup competed in the 31st Anniversary of the Super Dolphin Day 5K on February 21st. Daniel Broadhead (age 14) was the overall winner with a time of 18:28. His father, Wayne, won 1st in his age group 50-54 with a time of 19:31, placing 5th overall. The race took place at Neptune Park on St. Simons Island.

26.2 with Donna in Jax- February 14th

26.2 with Donna is the only national marathon for breast cancer that donates 100% of all proceeds to breast cancer research and to women living with the disease. Nine Okefenokee Track Club members participated in the full marathon or the half-marathon.

Robin Smith 4:05 - 4th in Age Group 50-54
Payton Joyner 4:14 - 3rd in Age Group 3-19

Matt Gourley 1:50
Cheryl Monroe 1:51
Anna Champion 1:57
Mary Woodruff 1:57 - 1st in Age Group 55-59
Heather Williams 2:04
Gina Howell 2:12
Elizabeth Monroe 2:56

Publix Winter Beach Run 10 Mile

Mary Woodruff ran the 10 miler in the Publix Winter Beach Run in Jacksonville on Sunday, February 8th. She finished with a time of 1:30 placing 1st in her age group 55-59.

Tiffany Cochran’s Half Marathon Rocks

On January 18, Okefenokee Track Club’s Tiffany Cochran ran P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Arizona Half Marathon (13.1 Miles). She ran a quick 1:44:02 and finished in 1088th place out of more than 25,000 runners, a remarkable top 5% finish. Living up to the name, bands were performing at each mile. Tiffany said race day was perfect, with typical Southwest conditions. It was breezy, dry and the temperatures ranged from 42-82 degrees. Thousands cheered the runners in the beautiful towns of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe, including her personal entourage of mother Phyllis Cochran, James Willis, and Daniel Warren. Pictured are Daniel and Tiffany.

2009 Gray Ribbon 5K Walk/Run-In Memory of Kelly Jones

The Gray Ribbon 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run was held January 10th in Blackshear as a benefit for the Kelly Jones family. Over 200 runners participated and showed their support including 21 OTC’ers. The Overall Female winner was Tiffany Cochran, coming in with a quick 22:34. Cheryl Monroe won Female Masters (40+) with a time of 22:45. Mary Woodruff won the Female Grandmasters (50+) at 24:42. The Male Great-Grandmasters (60+) award went to Ron Crosby with a 22:36.

Barry Barnes - 21:48 2nd-30-34 Males
Shawn Howell - 22:28 1st-35-39 Males
Tiffany Cochran - 22:34 Overall Female
Ron Crosby - 22:36 1st-60-65 Males
Cheryl Monroe - 22:45 1st-50-54 Females
Payton Joyner - 24:30
Heather Williams - 24:35 1st-30-34 Females
Mary Woodruff - 24:42 1st-55-59 Females
Cary Bennett - 24:56
Don Varnadore - 26:04 3rd-50-54 Males
Christy Howell - 27:06 1st-35-39 Females
Moi Monroe - 27:17
Kayla Popwell - 29:09 2nd-10 and under Females
Keith Popwell - 29:10 2nd-40-44 Males
David Osburn - 30:27
Kathy Williams - 32:06 2nd-55-59 Females
Elizabeth Monroe - 33:04 3rd-20-24 Females
Allen Smith - 34:04
Phyllis Cochran - 34:13 2nd-50-54 Females
Jenni Smith - 40:15
Janna Summerall-Smith - 40:56
(Picture above could not be enlarged - Sorry!)