The majority of the club's race results and pictures are on our Facebook page. It is much easier to post to FB, along with numerous pictures. Plus, everyone who is a member can post their own pictures and results. For our local events, I will continue to post them here. (Please note that sometimes the race results do not post correctly such as the 2011 Swamp Run. I apologize that they are a " jumbled up mess"
but after numerous attempts at trying to type them on individual lines, I finally gave up.)

If you are on FB but not on the club's FB page, go to Okefenokee Track Club and click "Like".
(I was not able to change the page to Okefenokee Track & Cycling Club
without starting over, but I was able to use our new logo.)


MONDAYS: 6pm - Meet at water tower by Atlantic Coast Bank (f/k/a ACFCU). Ride to Ruskin via
8 Mile Post Rd. Light traffic. Easy 18-24 mile ride, no drops, all abilities. Contact: Ron Crosby

WEDNESDAYS: 6-6:15 pm - Leave from OTC (back parking lot near new Allied Health Building).
Everyone is welcome! No-drop, 20+ mile ride. Contact: Amanda Dryden

SATURDAYS: Leave from Atlantic Coast Bank to Manor and back via Swamp Road, 62 miles, turnaround in Manor at Moore's convenience store, light traffic. Everyone welcome! No-drop ride. Contact: Ron Crosby

SUNDAYS: (Trail Rides - Fat Tire Bikes) 2pm - Meet in Swamp Park parking lot.
Dirt and trails (state access roads only), 10+ miles. Contact: Ron Crosby

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY - Meet At Swamp Park Entrance, leave at 4pm, 5 mile warm-up,
turnaround at Park Welcome Center, cross over Jax Hwy to Brunswick Hwy & back, 24-25 miles.

MONDAY - Big gear, various workouts, speeds 20-22.

WEDNESDAY - Group Ride is generally full group taking one mile pulls over the 35 mile course
or sit in & draft. No pressure to pull. Speeds 22-30 with breakaway possible.

FRIDAY - Recovery day/easier group ride, generally no drop, same distance.

WEEKEND - Longer rides, varies depending on who and what races are going on. Come join us!
Contact: Moi Monroe


TUESDAYS: Meet at the Ware County Middle School track around 5:30 pm. All abilities are welcome! Something different each week. Will start at the track, then move to road work.

My 2010 SilverMan Race Report by Allen Smith

I just finished the SilverMan half and am proud that I did. IM glad I didn't sign up for the full SMan. I rode 111 miles of the course 4 weeks before the event and based my expectations on that. I was very far off my expected finish time. Please don't ask.

If you've never been to the Lake Mead Nat Recreation area and are racing ITU, IM70.3 Worlds or SilverMan... you need to. It is one of the hilliest and the hardest courses I've done both bike and run. Non stop hills.

The swim in Lake Las Vegas. 70 degree water temp. I love mass starts. In the water start. Somewhat narrow lane out and back staying to the left. Only issue is that the 100 ydish wide lane is a little crowded unlike lake/ocean swims.

T1... you run/walk your bike UP a steep hill to the mount line.

Bike out... about 5 miles uphill at varying grades and then nonstop long, rolling hills through the desert. Beautiful!

A few 7% climbs and 3 short, back to back 20% climbs 15-20 miles from the finish. Did I mention wind? Out and back on Lake Shore Dr then out and back on North Shore Dr. Next is the River Loop Trail and after some mean a$$ short hills called the 3 Witches with a B onto an 8 mileish, straight away at around 1-2%. Deceptive course as there are no trees or references. After the trail... rolling with a long downhill in Henderson. Last couple of miles into T2 is uphill... again. I did pass numerous riders with one sitting by the side of the road with their head in their hands appearing demoralized. I did spin slowly up the 3 Sisters, Witches, whatevers passing several walkers which was a confidence boost. But I knew they were there having ridden them prior. My avg speed hurt my feelings but I did have a 42.8 max if that gives you an idea of the intensity of the course. Long, rolling hills allow you to see for miles ahead.

T2... Henderson Multigenerational Center. Beautiful complex.

The run... 1st couple of miles is mildly downhill and feeling good. The you turn a corner and go uphill 1-2 miles. Repeat this to the finish line at the Multigenerational center. Finishers T, medal waiting for you. Greeted at the finish by Frank Lowery, RD. Yay!

Super aid stations, volunteers, support and finish. They didn't run out of anything! This event is equal to or much better than any of the WTC/Ironman events I have done. Swag is excellent. Silverman NICE backpack, water bottle, visor (stuff you have to pay for at other events).

So... if you're going to ITU, IM70.3 Worlds or SilverMan... Ride/run all the hills you can... As much as you can... In the wind. Carpe Diem.

2010 CRMC Miles for Smiles 5K Run/Walk

Members of the Okefenokee Track & Cycling Club participated in this Douglas, GA annual event on November 13, 2010. Proceeds benefit the Coffee Alliance for Kids' Arts Program.

(Race results not available at this time.)

1st Annual Dawg's Gobble Wobble 5K Run & 1 Mile Fun Run

Sixty one runners and walkers braved chilly temperatures to support this local 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run, benefitting the Waycross Middle School PTA, on November 13, 2010. Track club finishers are:

1. John Ryan Williams - 19:19
2. Katelyn Chancey - 21:08
3. Jack Teston - 23:35
4. Mitch Coley - 24:12
5. David Soper - 24:20
6. Ben McQuaig - 24:26
7. Melinda Gillis - 25:21
8. Dalton Soper - 25:22
9. Michelle Hester - 25:23
10. Ken Malek - 25:32
11. Jonathan Bagley - 26:08
12. Brooks Stewart - 26:14
13. Orrie McCree - 26:16
14. Kelly Thornton - 26:21
15. Lesley Wheeler - 26:35
16. James Strickland - 27:02
17. Mike Porter - 27:24
18. Noah Shepard - 27:42
19. Bonny Voyles - 28:55
20. Reuben Flanders - 29:19
21. Shaun Soper - 29:19
22. Lara Mercer - 29:42
23. Lisa Klindworth - 29:54
24. Melissa Oceguera - 30:06
25. Lee Baker - 30:24
26. Lauren Yarbrough - 30:45
27. Carl Hobi - 30:57
28. Kandice Hersey - 31:13
29. Dietrah Lairsey - 32:13
30. Betsy Flanders - 33:10
31. Terri Rideout - 33:20
32. Ann Chancey - 34:30
33. Anna Geiger - 34:33
34. Janet Joiner - 34:34
35. Bobby Joiner - 35:29
36. Peggy Faulk - 35:30
37. Brittney Craven - 35:34
38. Candace Smith - 35:45
39. Tabitha Mattox - 36:06
40. Johnny Williams - 36:07
41. Crystal Flomas - 35:19
42. Tracy Jones - 36:40
43. Amelia Teston - 37:42
44. Mary Beth Boner - 37:49
45. Emma Wheeler - 37:58
46. Mandy Williams - 38:56
47. Ginger Brown - 38:57
48. Cori Barclift - 39:11
49. Marcia Craven - 39:45
50. Susan Shepard - 39:55
51. Laura Blount - 40:19
52. Pamela Thomas - 40:19
53. Sara Wheeler - 41:38
54. Trey Jones - 42:20
55. Melissa Thomas - 45:58
56. Jessica Cox - 46:06
57. Viejah Mayo - 48:11
58. Juan Johnson - 48:12
59. Sene Coley - 48:32
60. Lori Taylor - 48:33
61. Lauren Kilmark - 48:33

The picture includes the two overall winners with their Turkeys, Waycross Middle staff that participated and PTA members along with various age group winners.

Another Great Accomplishment for Daniel!

Daniel Broadhead, Okefenokee Track & Cycling Club, placed 9th in the state AAAA Cross Country Meet in Carrollton, GA on November 6th with a time of 16:33. He also placed 3rd in Region 2AAAA meet with a time of 16:20.

Veteran's Day 5K Run - Brunswick, GA

Three members raced in the Veteran's Day 5K Run in Brunswick on November 6. Don Varnadore finsihed with a time of 24:25; Debbie Yawn 29:36; and Larry Godair 29:46. All 3 runners won 2nd in their age group.

Boston Mini Marathon - Boston, GA

On October 30, 2010, Don Varnadore and Debbie Yawn traveled to Boston, GA for the Boston Mini Marathon. Don set a PR time of 1:57 in the 13.1 mile race. Debbie finished 3rd in her age group with a time of 2:32.

35th Annual Marine Corps Marathon

Four members of the Okefenokee Track & Cycling Club traveled to Washington, D.C. on October 31, 2010, to participate in the 4th largest marathon in the U.S. and 8th in the world. With almost 30,000 runners, the 26.2 mile scenic course began at Arlington Cemetary. The uphill finish landed runners at the site of the Iwo Jima Memorial with a Marine Lieutenant placing a commemorative medal around the neck of each finisher.

Completing the marathon were Cheryl Monroe with a time of 4:11, Mary Woodruff - 4:26, Robin Smith - 4:46, and Clay Culp - 4:46. Mary ran as a fundraiser for the Semper Fi Fund.

Racing for Pinks 2010

Approximately 62 runners participated in this year's Racing for Pinks 5K on October 23. The Women's Service League organized the race with Tiffany Warren as race director.

Overall Winner: Brandon Lundin
Masters Winner: Dewayne Walsh
10 and under: 1st: Ty Everson
11-14: 1st - L. J. Fullard; 2nd - Jeremy Gibson; 3rd - Jack Teston
15-19: 1st - Ashe Kelly; 2nd - Mark McLeod; 3rd - Joshua Holcombe
30-34: 1st - Barry Barnes; 2nd - Jason Gerard; 3rd - Jarrad Everson
35-39: 1st - Bret Campbell; 2nd - Brian Herrin; 3rd - Kevin Wellington
40-44: 1st - Kevin Thomas; 2nd - Ken Malek; 3rd - Anthony Kawiowsky
45-49: 1st - Chuck Womack; 2nd - Trey Jones; 3rd - Trent Cady
50-54: 1st -Reuben Flanders; 2nd - Tommy Banks
55-59: 1st - Don Varnadore; 2nd - James Perry
60-64: 1st - Mike Porter; 2nd - Larry Godair; 3rd - Rusty Ganas

Overall Winner: Katelyn Chancey
Masters Winner: Cheryl Monroe
10 and under: 1st - Caroline Herrin; 2nd - Natalie Herrin; 3rd - Lanie Bennett
11-14: 1st - Michelle Hester; 2nd - Harlee Bagley
15-19: 1st - Jennifer Cumbus; 2nd - Minerba Avregun; 3rd - Tia Ponsel
20-24: 1st - Rebecca Brown; 2nd - Kaithlyn Campbell; 3rd - Afiya Paige
25-29: 1st - Erica Dean; 2nd - Lynada Taylor; 3rd - Kristen Thomas
30-34: 1st - Tasha Musgrove; 2nd - Allison Herrin; 3rd - Marie Watkins
35-39: 1st - Jennifer Smith; 2nd - Neile Bennett; 3rd - Denise Brown
40-44: 1st - Lesley Wheeler; 2nd - BJ Pyrzenski; 3rd - Melinda Andrews
45-49: 1st - Melinda Gillis; 2nd - Alisia Gibson; 3rd - Venus Burton
50-54: 1st - Carola Jones; 2nd - Lynn Dudley; 3rd - Chan Peacock
55-59: 1st - Jan Hughes; 2nd - Nancy Porter; 3rd - Patty Carter
60-64: 1st - Mary Woodruff; 2nd - Shirley Taylor
65-69: 1st - Carolyn Carter; 2nd - Sandra Lee

Winner of the 1 mile run run was Cassie Fullard. 2nd Photo is of students from Midway and Blackshear Elementary Schools.

Race for Fetal Hope - October 16, 2010

Debbie Yawn, Don Varnadore and Kathy Williams traveled to Jacksonville, FL to participate in the Race for Fetal Hope by Wolfson Children's Hospital and Nemours. With a field of 376 runners, Don finished with a time of 24:17, Debbie 30:03, and Kathy 33:14.

PHOTO: Don Varnadore and Debbie Yawn

2010 Come Smell the Coffee 5K Run-October 9

Six members raced the Come Smell the Coffee 5K at Coffee General State Park in Douglas, GA. The cool temperatures helped runners with the very hilly course. All six members placed first in their respective age division.
PHOTO: L-R: Debbie Yawn, Don Varnadore, Denise Crosby, Ron Crosby, Dewayne Walsh, Amanda Walsh

Livestrong Day - October 2, 2010

Members of the Okefenokee Track & Cycling Club celebrated Livestrong Day with a 24-mile ride along the Okefenokee Swamp. It originated at Laura S. Walker State Park to the Swamp Park and back. There were 7 adults and 2 youth. Allen Smith organized the ride to not only observe Livestrong Day but in honor of his mom who passed away in 2006 from lung cancer.

PHOTO: L-R: Mary Beth Strickland, Russell Keaton, Amanda Dryden, Denise Crosby, Janna Summeral-Smith, Ron Crosby, Allen Smith.

4th annual Harvest Run 5K

The 4th annual Harvest Run 5K took place at First Baptist Church Waycross on the evening of August 28, 2010. There was a good turnout for the 1 Mile Fun Run and the 5K Run/Walk. All proceeds are to benefit Mary Street Mission. This is a Christian mission group that assists many struggling members of the community with food, clothing, vouchers, while also providing them with with encouragement and Christian counseling. Once again, the OTCC represented the club by taking home winning trophies.
There was also a drawing for a basket with lots of goodies, including a free entry for next year's Heels and Wheels Megan's House Duathlon Challenge. To qualify, you had to compete in the duathlon and Harvest Run that day. Congratulations to Cheryl Monroe for winning the grand prize!
Many thanks to OTCC'ers Kevin and Barry Barnes for all of their hard work in putting this race together, along with the many volunteers.

Heels and Wheels for Megan's House Duathlon Challenge-August 28, 2010

The OTCC was well-represented in the Duathlon, which included a 2 mile run, followed by a 13 mile bike, and finished with another 2 mile run in and around Laura S. Walker State Park. More importantly, the athletes helped to fund a worthy cause through Easter Seals Southern Georgia. Funds are used for respite care/family support for primary caregivers of individuals with disabilities. This organization was very appreciate of the assistance. (Ron Crosby)

For full race results, please go to: www.drcsports.com/ARCHIVE/2010/heels.shtml.

Camp Reveille 2010

Hot and humid temperatures did not slow the 2010 Reveille Runners in their 1-Mile Fun Run hosted by the Okefenokee Track and Cycling Club. The July 15th event had the over 100 campers and counselors logging in their personal best times at Laura S. Walker State Park. Each participant received a medal with the overall top three receiving trophies. The event was preceded by running activities on Monday and Tuesday at LSWSP for the Reveille Runners. Special thanks to track club members Ron and Denise Crosby, Allen Smith, Ben Bennett, Elizabeth Monroe, Amanda and Shayna Dryden for their assistance in the 1 mile fun run.

Mary K. Woodruff
(I have not had a chance to work on the slideshow. Thanks for your patience! Denise)

Jekyll Island Tidelands Turtle Trot 5K

Debbie Yawn and Don Varnadore participated in the Jekyll Island Tidelands Turtle Trot 5K on July 10, 2010.

SmithMultiSport - A New Venture!

The combined, successful multisport experience . . .
of Allen Smith (a retired Engineering and Technology Instructor) and Janna Smith (a practicing Physician/Pathologist) ensure that your coaching will be from athletes who have been ON the course and know the sacrifices you make to excel and to achieve your fitness goals.

Check out their web site at http://www.smithmultisport.com/.

Peachtree 10K Road Race-Atlanta

On Sunday, July 4th, Daniel and Tiffany Warren raced in the 41st running of the world's largest 10K - the Peachtree 10K Road Race in Atlanta, GA. Per Tiffany, "this was such a fun and one of a kind race! What a tremendous and patriotic way to spend the 4th! We enjoyed every minute of it! From the many bands to the spectators throughout the entire 6.2 course, it all helped make you forget just how hot it really was!"

Out of nearly 51,000 runners, they finished as follows:

Tiffany - 54:05 (6776 place)
Daniel - 1:04:00 (17,270 place)

26th annual Sunshine Festival 5K-St. Simons Island

Once again, a large group of Okefenokee Track & Cycling Club members and other locals raced in the Sunshine Festival 5K on July 3rd. This is a favorite for many of us! A flat course and exceptionally cooler weather brought out over 400 participants to the 5K starting line. Hosted by the Golden Isles Track Club, a traditionally hot and muggy day was replaced by cool sea breezes and moderate temperatures. Overall winners were Peyton Hoyle from Thomaston, with a time of 15:49. From Savannah, Michelle LaFleur captured the women's title with a time of 17:48.


Bret Campbell - 18:56 (2nd in AG 35-59)
Shawn Howell - 20:24
Rebecca Brown - 21:18 (1st AG 20-24)
Anna Champion - 21:28 (1st AG 25-29)
Katelyn Chancey - 21:51 (2nd AG 15-19)
Ron Crosby - 23:11 (2nd AG 60-64
Jennifer H. Smith - 23:29 (3rd AG 35-39)
Mary Woodruff - 24:22 (1st AG 60-64)
Christy Howell - 24:29
Don Varnadore - 24:57
Larry Godair - 29:29
Debbie Yawn - 30:03 (3rd in AG 55-59)
Denise Crosby - 34:26
Mary Beth Strickland (TNA)

Spirit of Liberty 5K-Patterson

On June 26, 2010, a group of track club runners participated in the Spirit of Liberty 5K. Pictured are:

Front Row: (L-R) Mary Woodruff, Allison Herrin, Neile Bennett, Amanda Dryden, Shanna Dryden, Moi Monroe

Back Row: (L-R) Chad Hendley, Jeffrey Sloan, Don Varnaodore, Brian Herrin, Ben Bennett, Shawn Howell

Watermelon Road Race - Cordele, GA

Bret Campbell traveled to Cordele on June 12th to participate in the Watermelon Road Race 12K. Though very hot and muggy, he placed as overall winner with a time of 54:23.

Footsteps of Heros/Will Chamberlin Memorial 5K - June 12, 2010

The Footsteps of Heroes/Will Chamberlin Memorial 5K is an event in memory of Fallen Heroes in Iraq, specifically, Evan Marshall, who was killed in Iraq 2 years ago. Will Chamberlin coordinated the Inaugural Footsteps of Heroes in 2009. Will died a couple of months ago and Evan's father added Will's name to the race this year.

Track club member, Daniel Broadhead, was the overall winner with a time of 17:09, beating out last year's winner's time of 17:49. Daniel is 15 years old and a rising sophomore at Wayne County High School.

Run for the Pies - Jax Landing - June 12

Ron Crosby, Debbie Yawn, Allen Smith, Janna Summerall-Smith, Libby Summerall, and Don Varnadore hiding behind Debbie. Debbie placed in her age group. There were a total 1388 runners in this year's event.

Never Quit Beach Fest 5K, Jax Beach Pier

Don Varnadore and Debbie Yawn traveled to Jacksonville to participate in the 2nd annual Never Quit Beach Fest 5K on May 5. This is a benefit run for the American Heart Association.

Blueberry Festival 5K Run, Alma

There was a large group of track club members and other locals who participated in this year's Blueberry Festival 5K on June 5, 2010. The overall winner was Daniel Broadhead, with most of our members bringing home trophies.

Cordele Kiwanis Memorial Day Running Celebration 8K

May 31, 2010
Larry Godair and Debbie Yawn (2nd AG winner)

Ron Crosby-62 Miles at Age 62

Facebook Ron Crosby: "62 miles seemed an appropriate amount of miles to run since I turned 62 yesterday. My birth certificate does not show the time of birth, so started at 12 Midnight of my birthday. The miles began from the place where it all got started, the old Ware County Hospital, on State Street. From there, I ventured to my first h...ouse on Byck Avenue, and to my first church, Crawford Street Baptist. The next spot was the second house, on Wadley Road. Then came the two schools, Emerson Park Elementary (class of’62 -go Beavers), and Ware County High School (class of ’66 -go Gators). The current church, Jamestown Baptist, preceded our home, on Lamar Avenue. Other routes were all around the county. Why would anyone want to do this?
(1)Thirty-something running friends in the 1980’s were doing this, so thought it might be a good goal. As sometimes happens, a quarter of a century goes by. With another mile tacked on each year, no need to put it off.
(2) 62 miles equals 100 kilometers, or a metric century, which is just a good round number.
(3) It has been a number of years since I ran an ultra-marathon (anything over 26.2 miles), and just wanted to see if I still have it.
A special thanks to Denise. She took the Midnight photo, provided encouragement, and made sure I had insoles, Gatorade, and sunscreen. Plus, she kept it a secret, in case I bombed.
We decided to put the birthday outing off until today. In recognition of reaching social security recipient status, age-appropriate attire will be in order. My best wingtips, high black socks, Bermuda shorts, and flowery shirt, will be a hit, with the “early-bird special” group. On the way, in the 55 MPH zone, I will be in the left lane doing 20. Or maybe just run to the restaurant."

1st annual Run for Shelter 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk

Saturday, May 1st at Sweetwater Baptist Church in Waycross. This was a benefit event for Satilla Rescue Mission for homeless men. Great turn-out for first time race, with plenty of track club folks participating.

33rd annual Vidalia Onion Run 10K & 5K - April 24, 2010

Four Okefenokee Track & Cycling Club members participated in the 33rd annual Vidalia Onion 10K & 5K this Saturday. They endured the hilly course and this year's thunderstorm. Each came away with a class trophy and a bag of sweet Vidalia onions. Mary Woodruff (54:08) and Bret Campbell (43:47) captured 1st place in their age divisions, while Don Varnadore (55:44) took 3rd in his. Debbie Yawn (32:48) won 2nd in her age for the 5K run.

114th Boston Marathon - April 19, 2010

This year's Boston Marathon closed early leaving a couple of our members unable to participate. However, Cheryl Monroe and Robin Smith did make it! They enjoyed the beautiful weather and excitement that all runners feel about running this presitigious event. Cheryl completed her 5th Boston by finishing with a time of 3:58, while Robin completed her 3rd, finishing with a time of 4:26. (No personal photos available.)

It was interesting to read the numbers on the official web site: Runners Entered - 26,735; Runners Started - 23,126; and Runners Finished - 22,629. So 97.9% actually finished this year's marathon. For more many more interesting statistics, you can go to www.baa.org/2010/cf/public/statistics.htm.

Chuck Cornett Navy 10K Run - April 3, 2010

Tiffany Cochran and Cristi Blount competed in the Chuck Cornett Navy 10K Run at the Jacksonville Navy Air Station. Per Tiffany, "From the cannon start to the full Navy Brass Band - everthing was military and wonderful!" Tiffany finished with a time of 48:07, while Cristi not far behind her finished in 48:17.

33rd annual Okefenokee Swamp Run 10K & 1 Mile Fun Run

Another successful year! On March 27th, a record 145 runners registered for the 10K! There were some no-shows but 134 runners finished the part road, part trails 6.2 mile race at Laura S. Walker State Park. There were approximately 130 1-milers of all ages. The weather was cool, overcast, and windy, a little uncomfortable for spectators but perfect for the participants. The Holiday Inn hosted this year's pancake breakfast which is always a hit with the runners, while Sunny 103 entertained us with great music.

Matthew Garmon, age 17, was our Overall Winner, 3rd year in a row, with a time of 37:36.
Hosanna Hodges, age 18, won Overall Female, with a time of 46:46.

All other results are as follows:
  1. Matthew Garmon (37:36) Overall Winner
  2. David Howard (39:07) Male Masters 40-49
  3. Matthew McHale (39:37) 1st AG Male 25-29
  4. Randy Arend (41:45) 1st AG Male 45-49
  5. Thomas Deane (42:54) 1st AG Male 15-19
  6. Bruce Kritzler (43:12) Male Great Grand Masters 60-69
  7. Bret Campbell (43:31) 1st AG Male 35-39
  8. Jason Rogers (43:38) 1st AG Male 40-44
  9. George Thompson (44:23) 2nd AG Male 45-49
  10. Allan Brownie (44:32) Male Grand Masters 50-59
  11. Charles Strickland (44:34) 1st AG Male 60-64
  12. Scott Seibler (44:46) 1st AG Male 55-59
  13. Ken McQuaig (45:03) 2nd AG Male 60-64
  14. Kevin Wellington (45:13) 2nd AG Male 35-39
  15. Shawn Howell (45:16) 3rd AG Male 35-39
  16. Barry Barnes (45:25) 1st AG Male 30-34
  17. Hosanna Hodges (46:46) Overall Female Winner
  18. Kevin Rigdon (46:46) 2nd AG Male 30-34
  19. Dewayne Walsh (47:00) 2nd AG Male 40-44
  20. Anna Champion-Kelly (47:18) 1st AG Female 25-29
  21. Katelyn Chancey (47:40) 1st AG Female 15-19
  22. Steve O'Brian (47:45) 2nd AG Male 55-59
  23. Kevin Barnes (47:54) 3rd AG Male 40-44
  24. Mark Haddock (48:12) 4th AG Male 35-39
  25. Charlie Moore (48:23) 5th AG Male 35-39
  26. Kenny Henry (48:47) 1st AG Male 50-54
  27. Jada Anastasia (49:31) 1st AG Female 35-39
  28. Eric Nelson (49:34) 3rd AG Male 45-49
  29. Clay Parker (49:44) 1st AG Male 11-14
  30. Mamoun Alitarawneh (49:50) 4th AG Male 45-49
  31. Jordan Garmon (49:52) 1st AG Female 11-14
  32. Kevin Moore (50:00) 4th AG Male 40-44
  33. Vince Marchionna (50:02) 1st AG Male 65-69
  34. Cory Bennett (50:18) 5th AG Male 40-44
  35. Cheryl Monroe (50:20) Female Grand Masters 50-59
  36. Justin Lynch (50:27) 2nd AG Male 11-14
  37. Lance Brantley (50:39)
  38. Carol Riley (51:10) Female Great Grand Masters 60-69
  39. Randall Pullo (51:27) 3rd AG Male 60-69
  40. Jason Lynch (51:58)
  41. Jennifer Smith (52:10) 2nd AG Female 35-39
  42. Brian Blue (52:14) 2nd AG Male 65-69
  43. Blake James (52:26) 3rd AG Male 11-14
  44. Ron Crosby (52:28) 4th AG Male 60-64
  45. Mary Woodruff (52:34) 1st AG 55-59
  46. Ted Waldren (52:49)
  47. Christy Howell (52:52) 3rd AG Female 35-39
  48. Kelly Morton (53:00) 4th AG Female 35-39
  49. Robin Smith (53:05) 1st AG Female 50-54
  50. Judah Hodges (53:08) 1st AG Male 10-Under
  51. Erica Dean (53:17) 2nd AG Female 25-29
  52. Brian Campbell (53:27) 3rd AG Male 30-34
  53. Marc Horne (53:35) 4th AG Male 11-14
  54. Chad Hendley (53:43)
  55. Morgan Harper (53:51) 3rd AG Female 25-29
  56. Clay Culp (53:55) 3rd AG Male 55-59
  57. Danny Howard (54:06) 4th AG Male 55-59
  58. Doug Vinson (54:53) 5th AG Male 55-59
  59. Lealane Sanders (55:11) 1st AG Female 30-34
  60. Mike Porter (55:19) 5th AG Male 60-64
  61. Claudia French (56:13) 2nd AG Female 55-59
  62. Stephen James (56:06)
  63. Andrew Harrold (56:05)
  64. Blair Nicholson (56:27) 4th AG Female 25-29
  65. Hope Lejeune (56:30) Female Masters 40-49
  66. Cory Wheeler (56:53) 1st AG Female 45-49
  67. Lynada Taylor (56:56) 5th AG Female 25-29
  68. Joey Bullard (56:57) 1st AG Male 20-24
  69. Gina Howell (57:12) 2nd AG Female 30-34
  70. Don Varnadore (57:15)
  71. Dee Harrold (57:30) 5th AG Female 35-39
  72. Kestina Clark (58:13)
  73. Lesley Wheeler (58:17)
  74. Brian Timberlake (58:20) 4th AG Male 30-34
  75. Kristen Thomas (58:35)
  76. Anita Rudzinski (58:43) 3rd AG Female 55-59
  77. Ronald Knox (58:43) 5th AG Male 45-49
  78. Kalyn Kennedy (58:50) 1st AG Male 20-24
  79. Don Hubbard (58:54)
  80. Keith Hendry (58:55)
  81. Jodi Nelson (59:06) 2nd AG Female 45-49
  82. Kaitlyn Campbell (59:22) 2nd AG Female 20-24
  83. Anthony Kaniowsky (59:25)
  84. Kim Lydon (60:24)
  85. Ben Bennett (60:34)
  86. Allen Smith (60:36) 2nd AG Male 50-54
  87. Carlton Dubberly (60:49) Super Masters 70+
  88. Eliza Ambrose (60:56) 1st AG Female 10-Under
  89. Katherine Timberlake (61:06) 3rd AG Female 30-34
  90. Corey Olivgiz (61:10)
  91. Rebecca Walsh (61:15) 2nd AG Female 15-19
  92. Debora Passetti (61:28) 4th AG Female 55-59
  93. Harriett Knight (61:47) 3rd AG Female 45-49
  94. Jennifer Hutchinson (62:02)
  95. Diane Wiggins (62:22) 2nd AG Female 50-54
  96. Bill White (62:45)
  97. Brandy Stacy (62:52) 4th AG Female 30-34
  98. Tracy Saussy (63:16) 1st AG Female 40-44
  99. Barbara Siglan (63:26) 3rd AG Female 50-54
  100. Terrie Leakway (63:28)
  101. Kim Spivey (63:32)
  102. Bernie Powers (63:50)
  103. Abby Parker (64:15) 2nd AG Female 11-14
  104. Perlita Knox (64:37)
  105. Daniel Grabb (65:09) 2nd AG Male 20-24
  106. D. White (65:23) 4th AG Female 50-54
  107. Larry Godair (65:30)
  108. Philip Jones (66:29) 5th AG Male 30-34
  109. Ruth Ann Martin (66:51) 5th AG Female 50-54
  110. Rebecca Walker (67:01) 5th AG Female 55-59
  111. Gerry Born (67:48)
  112. Lizzie Milkas (67:49) 3rd AG Female 15-19
  113. Ashlyn Hilton (68:31) 3rd AG Female 20-24
  114. Sherrie Jacobs (68:50)
  115. Layne Ambrose (69:57) 5th AG Male 11-14
  116. Christie Ariail (70:10) 5th AG Female 30-34
  117. Lamar Long (70:16)
  118. Janna Smith (70:43) 3rd AG Female 40-44
  119. Nancy Pullo (71:00) 1st AG Female 65-69
  120. Amanda Walsh (71:16) 4th AG Female 40-44
  121. Liesa Wright (71:32) 5th AG Female 40-44
  122. Katherine Carter (71:36) 2nd AG Female 10-Under
  123. Cade Dennison (74:36)
  124. Josh Bullard (76:35)
  125. Hannah Ganas (78:20)
  126. Sue Griffis (80:47)
  127. Freddy Fillingham (81:18) 3rd AG Male 65-69
  128. Ann Wilkerson (81:18) 2nd AG Female 65-69
  129. Warren Newton (81:29) 1st AG Male 70-74
  130. Leah Dean (88:30)
  131. Kelsie Crump (90:09)
  132. Faith Harrold (90:09) 3rd AG Female 10-Under
  133. Laura Sweat (90:09)
  134. Brooke Thomas (91:28)

1 Mile Fun Run:

  1. Joshua McDay (6:37) Overall Winner
  2. Rhianna Carter (6:57) Overall Female
Thanks to our Sponsors: 1 Mile Fun Run: Satilla Kids; 10K: Holiday Inn, Waycross Bank & Trust, Childers Family YMCA, Waycross Journal-Herald, Okefenokee Technical College, Mediastream, PrimeSouth Bank, Varnadore Electric, Flash Foods, and Southern Eagle.

Thanks also to Ware County EMS, and the Ware County Sheriff's Department for directing traffic and keeping our runners safe.

2010 Gate River Run 15K-Jacksonville

Numerous track club members ventured to Jacksonville's infamous Gate River Run 15K on March 13th. It turned out pretty warm for a 15K and it was quite windy but all in all, it was a great day. Race results are as follows:

Charles Strickland - 1:08:55 "Streaker"
Ben Bennett - 1:09:28
Barry Barnes - 1:11:45
Anna Champion - 1:15:53
Cheryl Monroe - 1:16:32
Kevin Barnes - 1:17:46
Cary Bennett - 1:19:57
Russell Keaton - 1:20:16
Kelli Gourley - 1:21:39
Dewayne Walsh - 1:23:29
Christy Howell - 1:23:29
Mary Woodfuff - 1:24:48
Ron Crosby - 1:24:55
Clay Culp - 1:25:15
Robin Smith - 1:25:44
Franklin Burkett - 1:25:50
Mike Porter - 1:27:14
Doug Vinson - 1:27:53
Don Varnadore - 1:29:33
Daniel Warren - 1:31:26
Debra Perkins - 1:39:37
Kathy Williams - 1:50:10
Amanda Walsh - 1:56:28
Roger Williams - 1:57:46

Debbie Yawn, Linda Burkett & Linda's daughter (name unknown) participated in The Florida Times-Union 5K Run & Walk for Charity, which began before the 15K.

2010 Kelly Jones Memorial Race Against Cancer 5K

Several members raced the Kelly Jones Memorial Race Against Cancer in Blackshear on March 6th. The proceeds for this year's race were to benefit the family of Steve Boatright. Pictured are: (Front L-R) Mary Woodruff-1st Grand Master, Barry Barnes, Christy Howell (Back L-R) Ron Crosby-1st Great Grand Master, Shawn Ray Howard, Ben Bennett (not pictured: Debra Perkins)

2010 Super Dolphin 10K & 5K - February 27

The Super Dolphin 10K & 5K races were held on St. Simons Island. Track club member Daniel Broadhead proved once again that he's a very competitive and determined young man. He finished the 5K in 17:48, winning overall , 2nd year to winning this race. He is pictured with Shelby Robinson of Glynn County who was overall female winner with a time of 19:44, her 3rd year in a row.

Donna Deagan's National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer-Jacksonville, FL

On February 21, 2010 several Okefenokee Track & Cycling Club members traveled to Jacksonville to participate in the annual National Marathon and Half Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer event. 100% of all race proceeds and raised funds go to breast cancer research and care. Anna Champion, Cheryl Monroe, Robin Smith, and Mary Woodruff have competed in this event since its inception three years ago. Their results are as follows:

Anna Champion-1:49:55 (not pictured)
Cheryl Monroe-1:50:24 (8th in AG)
Robin Smith-1:56:00
Clay Culp-1:58:00
Mary Woodruff-1:58:11 (5th in AG)

Sidney Lanier Bridge 5K Run/Walk-February 20, 2010

Members of our track club traveled to Brunswick to participate in the annual Sidney Lanier Bridge Run. Matthew Garmon placed 2nd overall with a time of 18:36. Other times were:
Charles Strickland-22:18-1st in AG
Mary Woodruff-26:48-1st in AG
Daniel Warren-26:53
Christy Howell-27:27
Don Varnadore-28:15
Mike Porter-29:07
Rebecca Walsh-32:46
Debbie Yawn-TNA

John Tenbroeck Memorial Winter Beach Run 2010-Valentine's Day

Six members traveled to Jacksonville to participate in the Winter Beach Run Sunday, February 14th.

5 Mile Results:
Tiffany Cochran - 43:09
Daniel Warren - 45:33
Debbie Yawn - 56:06

10 Mile Results:
Debra Perkins - 1:31:46
Mary Woodruff - 1:32:45
Don Varnadore - 1:39:46

(No photos available)

2010 Love Run 5K - Savannah

Daniel Broadhead blew the competition away at the Love Run 5K on February 13, 2010 in Savannah, Georgia. Daniel is only 15 years old but finished overall with a time of 16:59, his personal best, and almost one minute ahead of the second place runner! Fantastic job, Daniel! Keep up the training because obviously it's working!