The majority of the club's race results and pictures are on our Facebook page. It is much easier to post to FB, along with numerous pictures. Plus, everyone who is a member can post their own pictures and results. For our local events, I will continue to post them here. (Please note that sometimes the race results do not post correctly such as the 2011 Swamp Run. I apologize that they are a " jumbled up mess"
but after numerous attempts at trying to type them on individual lines, I finally gave up.)

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MONDAYS: 6pm - Meet at water tower by Atlantic Coast Bank (f/k/a ACFCU). Ride to Ruskin via
8 Mile Post Rd. Light traffic. Easy 18-24 mile ride, no drops, all abilities. Contact: Ron Crosby

WEDNESDAYS: 6-6:15 pm - Leave from OTC (back parking lot near new Allied Health Building).
Everyone is welcome! No-drop, 20+ mile ride. Contact: Amanda Dryden

SATURDAYS: Leave from Atlantic Coast Bank to Manor and back via Swamp Road, 62 miles, turnaround in Manor at Moore's convenience store, light traffic. Everyone welcome! No-drop ride. Contact: Ron Crosby

SUNDAYS: (Trail Rides - Fat Tire Bikes) 2pm - Meet in Swamp Park parking lot.
Dirt and trails (state access roads only), 10+ miles. Contact: Ron Crosby

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY - Meet At Swamp Park Entrance, leave at 4pm, 5 mile warm-up,
turnaround at Park Welcome Center, cross over Jax Hwy to Brunswick Hwy & back, 24-25 miles.

MONDAY - Big gear, various workouts, speeds 20-22.

WEDNESDAY - Group Ride is generally full group taking one mile pulls over the 35 mile course
or sit in & draft. No pressure to pull. Speeds 22-30 with breakaway possible.

FRIDAY - Recovery day/easier group ride, generally no drop, same distance.

WEEKEND - Longer rides, varies depending on who and what races are going on. Come join us!
Contact: Moi Monroe


TUESDAYS: Meet at the Ware County Middle School track around 5:30 pm. All abilities are welcome! Something different each week. Will start at the track, then move to road work.

2009 Atlanta Marathon-Thanksgiving Day

Mary Woodruff traveled to Atlanta to participate in the Thanksgiving Day Atlanta Marathon. Mary was disappointed with her 4:20 time, but hey - when your legs cramp and you don't have major hills to train on in Waycross, it's understandable! Atlanta is extremely hilly and they are not "little" hills! The weather was a balmy 40 degrees, great start for a marathon. Cramped legs or not, she still placed 2nd in her age group.

2009 Fall Fitness Run 5K/1 Mile-Baxley

As always, a large crowd descended on the small city of Baxley on November 21st to participate in the annual Fall Fitness Run 5K and 1 Mile. There were 186 runners/walkers in the 5K and 250 in the 1 mile. Impressive! Race Director is Dawn Melton, a new member of our track club.

Matthew Garmon - 17:13 - 1st in AG 15-19 (2nd overall)
Daniel Broadhead - 17:40 - 1st AG 11-14
Bret Campbell - 18:49 - 1st AG 30-34
Wayne Broadhead - 20:50 - 1st AG 50-54
Dewayne Walsh - 22:11 - 2nd AG 40-44
Ron Crosby - 22:46 - 1st AG 60-64
Cary Bennett - 23:19 - 3rd AG 30-34
Mary Woodruff - 24:40 - Overall Female Masters
Terry Humphry - 24:53 - 1st AG 45-49
Frank Burkett - 24:54
Rebecca Walsh - 28:38 - 2nd AG 15-19
Amanda Walsh - 30:42
Marley Melton - 44:55

2009 Gobbler Run-Millwood

November 21, 2009, afternoon race. No race results available.

2009 Miles for Smiles 5K Run-Douglas

Okefenokee Track Club members raced in Douglas on November 14th in the Miles for Smiles 5K Run/Walk. The official race results are as follows:

David Broadhead-17:12 (age 14), finishing 2nd
Bret Campbell-19:18
Wayne Broadhead-20:24
Mamoun Alitarahweh-22:14
Ron Crosby-22:33
Don Varnadore-25:03
Franklin Burkett-25:22
Allen Smith-29:34
Debbie Yawn-30:21
Larry Godair-30:37
Linda Burkett-38:25
Jennifer Campbell-WALKER
Rochelle Varnadore-WALKER

(I'm sure many of our runners brought back a trophy, but I do not have that information.)

2009 Darien Fall Festival 5K-November 7th

Three track club members participated in the Darien Fall Festival 5K. All returned home with trophies. (Race results not available for everyone.)

PHOTO: Phyllis Cochran, Ron Crosby, Rochelle Varnadore

2009 Beach2Battleship Full & 1/2 Iron Distance Triathlon, November 7th

Cheryl Monroe: 12 hr. 50 min.
Moi Monroe: 13 hr. 25 min.

Per Cheryl, "I compare it to having a baby. Lots of fun and excitement, but once over, I do not want to do another one anytime soon!" I don't blame her! An entire day of triathloning? Not me! But I'm sure proud of them!