The majority of the club's race results and pictures are on our Facebook page. It is much easier to post to FB, along with numerous pictures. Plus, everyone who is a member can post their own pictures and results. For our local events, I will continue to post them here. (Please note that sometimes the race results do not post correctly such as the 2011 Swamp Run. I apologize that they are a " jumbled up mess"
but after numerous attempts at trying to type them on individual lines, I finally gave up.)

If you are on FB but not on the club's FB page, go to Okefenokee Track Club and click "Like".
(I was not able to change the page to Okefenokee Track & Cycling Club
without starting over, but I was able to use our new logo.)


MONDAYS: 6pm - Meet at water tower by Atlantic Coast Bank (f/k/a ACFCU). Ride to Ruskin via
8 Mile Post Rd. Light traffic. Easy 18-24 mile ride, no drops, all abilities. Contact: Ron Crosby

WEDNESDAYS: 6-6:15 pm - Leave from OTC (back parking lot near new Allied Health Building).
Everyone is welcome! No-drop, 20+ mile ride. Contact: Amanda Dryden

SATURDAYS: Leave from Atlantic Coast Bank to Manor and back via Swamp Road, 62 miles, turnaround in Manor at Moore's convenience store, light traffic. Everyone welcome! No-drop ride. Contact: Ron Crosby

SUNDAYS: (Trail Rides - Fat Tire Bikes) 2pm - Meet in Swamp Park parking lot.
Dirt and trails (state access roads only), 10+ miles. Contact: Ron Crosby

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY - Meet At Swamp Park Entrance, leave at 4pm, 5 mile warm-up,
turnaround at Park Welcome Center, cross over Jax Hwy to Brunswick Hwy & back, 24-25 miles.

MONDAY - Big gear, various workouts, speeds 20-22.

WEDNESDAY - Group Ride is generally full group taking one mile pulls over the 35 mile course
or sit in & draft. No pressure to pull. Speeds 22-30 with breakaway possible.

FRIDAY - Recovery day/easier group ride, generally no drop, same distance.

WEEKEND - Longer rides, varies depending on who and what races are going on. Come join us!
Contact: Moi Monroe


TUESDAYS: Meet at the Ware County Middle School track around 5:30 pm. All abilities are welcome! Something different each week. Will start at the track, then move to road work.

34th annual Okefenokee Swamp Run 10K & 1 Mile Fun Run

The Okefenokee Swamp Run moved back to its original location at the Okefenokee Swamp Park on Saturday, March, 26, 2011. The 10K boasted a field of 116 runners and 133 participated in the 1 mile fun run. Daniel Broadhead from Jesup was overall winner, breaking his personal record with a time of 35:44. The overall female winner was Allison Herrin of Patterson, finishing with a time of 46:42. Winners in the 1 mile were Quashawn Conaway as overall male and Kimberly Gray as overall female. Daniel Broadhead 35:44:00 M 16 Overall Male Winner Bill Beaumont 41:04:00 M 54 Grand Master Male Winner Randy Arend 42:10:00 M 50 1st age group Brian Herrin 44:04:00 M 35 1st age group Charlie Moore 44:31:00 M 37 2nd age group Juan Saucedo 44:55:00 M 28 1st age group Barry Barnes 46:04:00 M 34 1st age group Kevin Wellington 46:33:00 M 39 3rd age group Allison Herrin 46:42:00 F 34 Overall Female Winner Shawn Howell 47:05:00 M 39 4h age group Steve O'Brien 47:34:00 M 56 1st age group Derek Lee 47:54:00 M 38 5th age group Wayne Spearman 48:46:00 M 52 2nd age group Ron Crosby 49:13:00 M 62 Great Grand Masters Male Winner Thomas Deane 49:57:00 M 19 1st age group Kevin Barnes 50:09:00 M 41 Masters Male Winner Lauren Butler 50:42:00 M 41 1st age group Vince Marchionna 50:54:00 M 69 1st age group Ben McQuaig 50:58:00 M 41 2nd age group Cory Bennett 51:04:00 M 41 3rd age group Cheryl Monroe 51:28:00 F 53 Grand Master Female Winner Logan Oberlin 51:36:00 M 16 2nd age group Jim Tucker 51:55:00 M 40 4th age group Randy Milton 52:01:00 M 42 5th age group Chad Hendley 52:32:00 M 40 Kevin Moore 52:35:00 M 43 Brian Blue 52:47:00 M 68 2nd age group Keith Hendry 52:52:00 M 37 Hope Lejeune 52:57:00 F 41 Masters Female Winner Judah Hodges 53:01:00 M 11 1st age group Matthew Carter 53:02:00 M 14 2nd age group Kim James 53:10:00 F 36 1st age group Cory Wheeler 53:11:00 M 49 1st age group Orrie McCrea 53:20:00 M 49 2nd age group John Trower 53:28:00 F 44 Amanda Allison 53:34:00 F 28 1st age group Heidi Meeks 53:35:00 F 32 1st age group Jay Jones 53:36:00 M 43 Mary Woodruff 54:05:00 F 60 Great Grand Masters Female Winner Ken Makek 54:28:00 M 44 Andrew Harrold 54:29:00 M 44 Joey Bullard 54:53:00 M 23 1st age group William Stowe 54:58:00 M 39 Doug Vinson 55:22:00 M 60 2nd age group Jayson Davis 55:24:00 M 27 3rd age group Lealane Sanders 55:43:00 F 33 2nd age group Hosanna Hodges 55:51:00 F 19 1st age group Christy Howell 55:54:00 F 37 2nd age group Gina Howell 55:55:00 F 34 3rd age group Clay Parker 55:57:00 M 13 3rd age group Olivia Hopkins 56:11:00 F 41 1st age group Kevin Thomas 56:18:00 M 41 Don Varnadore 56:41:00 M 56 2nd age group Mike Porter 56:45:00 M 61 3rd age group Alina Shaw 56:57:00 F 28 2nd age group Jesse Shaw 56:58:00 M 36 Clayton Kurtz 56:59:00 M 15 3rd age group Maggie Evans 57:08:00 F 31 4th age group Reuben Flanders 57:46:00 M 52 3rd age group Andrea Ward 57:51:00 M 31 5th age group Destinee Cason 57:54:00 F 17 2nd age group Lamar Dickens 58:01:00 M 73 1st age group Abby Parker 58:08:00 F 15 3rd age group Melissa Herndon 59:19:00 F 26 3rd age group Trish Snyder 59:26:00 F 51 1st age group Tim Kirkland 59:27:00 M 56 3rd age group Jim Palmer 59:32:00 M 70 2nd age group Kaitlyn Campbell 59:40:00 F 21 1st age group Lizzie Milkas 59:41:00 F 19 4th age group Don Hubbard 59:46:00 M 58 4th age group Anita Rudzinski 61:00:00 F 57 1st age group Jenna Hollingsworth 61:12:00 F 24 2nd age group Debora Passetti 61:21:00 F 56 2nd age group Harriet Knight 62:01:00 F 47 1st age group Hunter Thigpen 62:10:00 M 13 4th age group Gerry Born 62:31:00 M 47 3rd age group Harrison McQuaig 62:35:00 M 12 5th age group Joey McQuaig 62:36:00 M 42 Rodney Thrift 62:49:00 M 43 Jon Tindall 62:49:00 M 36 Bernie Powers 62:59:00 M 60 4th age group Lizzie Williams 63:16:00 F 57 3rd age group Sherrie Jacobs 63:45:00 F 40 2nd age group Ginger Herrington 64:06:00 F 34 Dee Harrold 64:19:00 F 39 3rd age group Carole Jones 64:41:00 F 51 2nd age group Josh Bullard 65:14:00 M 12 Ray Griffin 65:16:00 M 70 3rd age group Hannah Thrift 65:35:00 F 19 5th age group Wendi Lee 66:29:00 F 34 Anthony Kawiowsky 66:49:00 M 45 4th age group Ronald Knox 66:54:00 M 46 5th age group Larry Godair 67:35:00 M 64 5th age group Tonya Crosby 68:05:00 F 32 Janet Pitts 68:06:00 F 38 4th age group Paul Drawdy 68:17:00 M 45 Lamar Long 68:18:00 M 38 Eddie Day 68:33:00 M 53 4th age group Perlita Knox 68:56:00 F 41 3rd age group Roger Williams 68:57:00 M 62 Lois Thornton 69:01:00 F 43 4th age group Wendy Williford 69:29:00 F 29 4th age group Kathy Williams 71:52:00 F 61 1st age group Jane Krier 74:54:00 F 49 2nd age group William Saylor 76:21:00 M 27 4th age group Katharine Carter 77:01:00 F 11 1st age group Faveed Kudeau 78:44:00 M 59 5th age group Lisbeth Dominquez 79:31:00 F 12 2nd age group Freddy Fillington 79:50:00 M 69 3rd age group Tammy Hatton 80:44:00 F 38 5th age group Traci Newton 83:35:00 F 34 Anita Lee 83:37:00 F 39 Jean Krier 85:16:00 F 49 3rd age group Megan Rhodes 1hr.40min F 13 3rd age group Faith Harrold 1hr.40min F 10 1st age group Bailey Herrington 2hrs. F 11 4th age group Gabby Harrold 2hrs. F 18